Rest In Peace, Chloe

I have long considered being in control of my own office environment one of the unquantifiable benefits of a small firm practice. When looking for office space about 20 years ago, I informed a prospective landlord that I bring my dog to work, which produced a look of shock and incredulity. It was not that […]

More Changes in Private Practice: The Dress Code

In addition to the changes in remote practice of law, office protocol has also evolved in private practice. Formality was the rigid name of the game when I started practicing in the 1980s, an an impermeable and structured regimen that governed office attire, answering the telephone, attending intraoffice and client meetings – in short, everything. […]

Reflecting on the Life and Career of Mike King

A good friend from high school, Mary Beth King, recently lost her father. Our families are related by marriage and although my friendship with Mary Beth formed its strongest bonds during high school, I had known her and her family all my life. The years since graduation found our paths occasionally entwined, most notably after […]

We’re Lawyers, Not Fixers

Recent events reported in the national news have highlighted an important aspect of the relationship between attorney and client, namely, the obligation of the attorney to say “no.” Adjectives such as “fixer” and “bag carrier” may enjoy colloquial cache, but these are dangerous descriptors to apply to a lawyer. The danger is that the label […]

It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

At this time of year over many years, I am frequently asked if our practice gets busier as the year-end nears. Many areas of law are seasonal, typically those serving clients who want to complete transactions before year-end for tax purposes or estate planning or other reasons dependent on the calendar year. But no two […]